The basis of the genealogy is the Sluiter Genealogy published in the 13th year of Nederlands Patriciaat (1923). Research conducted by my father Hans Sluiter was not only limited to the Sluiter family in the last 75 years. He also found unknown Sluiters. Moreover, missing data on birth, marriage, death etc. was completed or updated. He did not succed in finding older generations, so that Albert Sluiter, Mayor of Borculo, remains our ancestor. The result is that we now know more than three times as many descendants in the male line as the Patriciaat of 1923 mentioned.

The research, mainly consisting of literature and archival research, but also contacts with distant relatives, particularly in South Africa, has led to many results. Of course we are very grateful to them. This includes several agencies, including the Central Bureau for Genealogy and various national and municipal archives in the Netherlands and government agencies abroad, which have been consulted.

Since 2006, my father handed over the maintenance of this genealogy to me. If you have any improvements or additions, please share them with me.

Otto Sluiter
Amsterdam, October 2010

Nominal register report:
Nominal register report of Albert Sluiter.